Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Today is National Tequila Day, and we know exactly where you need to be to really celebrate this beverage: Red Mesa Restaurant.

With more than 450 kinds of tequila and over 100 mezcals (that come from over a dozen varietals of agave), as well as raicilla, bacanora, and sotols, it’s doubtful that any other establishment in the Tampa Bay area can compete.

“Yes, the collection is quite immense!” says Andy Ray, general manager/beverage director. “Fuenteseca and Fortaleza are two of my personal favorites. We have tequilas up to 12 years aged in stock, and anything from $6 a shot up to $112.”

Red Mesa Cantina has been a staple of the St Petersburg dining scene since owners Peter and Shawn Veytia opened Red Mesa Restaurant in 1995. They were soon joined by Chef Chris Fernandez and the Veytias’ sons, Pete III and Dana. They’ve since opened two other locations, Red Mesa Cantina downtown in 2009 and Red Mesa Mercado in 2014 which have quickly become mainstays of the local upscale dining scene.

The menu features classic Mexican favorites. Order a full dinner or settle around the bar with shareable plates and plenty of nibbles will help balance out your evening as you celebrate National Tequila Day in style.

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