By: Andrew Silverstein

Do you consider yourself a self-starter?  Someone with big ideas that can transfer to life and become profitable business ventures?  Then, in all likelihood, you've got the potential to become a successful entrepreneur.  Potential doesn't mean you necessarily will though.  It takes a lot of motivation, a clear vision of your dream, and the right connections with the right people.

You're more or less on your own for those first two, but if you're in St. Pete with an entrepreneurial mindset looking to connect with similar thinkers and do-ers in the area, you should check out the Entrepreneur Social Club at Nova 535 in Downtown St. Petersburg.

Going down every Thursday from 6 to 7:30 p.m., the Entrepreneur Social Club is a FREE event where you can drink, socialize, and share ideas with other like-minded entrepreneurs in the area.   This a fun and compelling social event where business progress in the local area is a top priority.

The weekly meetup typically kicks of with 20 minutes of casual socializing and drinks followed by a period where any willing member can give the rest of the attendees a 30 second pitch on their business venture.  After that you can volunteer to face the other members as they help you evolve your business with honest questions and constructive criticism.

Other weekly activities at the Entrepreneur Social Club include a "successes and failures" period where members openly discuss which methods worked and which didn't for their businesses and the occasional guest speaker appearance.

If you're an entrepreneur steering the complex ship of a local business or looking to get in the game with a fresh, new idea, the Entrepreneur Social Club at Nova 535 can be nothing but beneficial to your dreams.