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at Tropicana Field
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Dec 26 | 8:00 PM | Friday
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Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker
Dec 28 | 12:00 PM | Sunday
at Mahaffey Theater
Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker
Dec 28 | 4:00 PM | Sunday
at Mahaffey Theater
Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker
Dec 28 | 8:00 PM | Sunday
at Mahaffey Theater
2015 First Night St Petersburg
Dec 31 | 4:00 PM | Wednesday
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St Petersburg & Clearwater Reviews

Nik reviewed
Pros: Good food at a fair price. ..
Cons: Parking (as usual for many on the beach) can be tough. ..
Comments: Very good food -- lot of locals go here. Decent value. ..
Overall Rating: 11111
Nik reviewed
Pros: Ambiance and the bands. ..
Cons: Parking can still be an issue in the evenings. ..
Comments: Probably the Happingest place in Treasure Island. Locals hang here as well as visitors. Good food, fair prices and excellent entertainment. ..
Overall Rating: 11111
Nik reviewed
Pros: Excellent food -- breakfast is my favorite. Lots of parking (valuable on the beach) ..
Cons: Nothing -- as long as you don't want a bloody mary with your eggs. ..
Comments: A place the locals go to -- especially for breakfast. Good food and a good value. ..
Overall Rating: 11111
Nik reviewed
Pros: Wet Burrito (I prefer pork) and a margarita -- heaven!! ..
Cons: Seating. The bar takes up half the space and there can't be more than 8 or 10 tables inside. ..
Comments: THE best Mexican on the beach .. including margaritas. Very small place is ALWAYS packed and hard to get into. Parking is a challenge because it is in ..
Overall Rating: 11111
Whether you’re new to the area or new to the idea of thrifting, it’s good to know what spots to venture to when looking for the best deals and what you’ll be getting yourself into.

Thrift City USA - This place is almost always a disappointment but I still go back each time. They seem to have caught on to the “thrifters” and in turn the prices are a little steep for a second-hand store. They have a ladies vintage section but don’t get too excited. Most of the items will either have a rip or a stain. The layout is a little confusing but they do have a wide selection of items. If you are up for a hunt then go for it! Maybe your search will be better than mine.

PARC Thrift - This thrift store is located right next to Salvation Army on 66th St. so usually when I hit up one I hit up the other. There isn’t a very wide selection.  The store seems almost bare compared to the others. Don’t be discouraged by this! They may not have a very wide variety or house-wares or clothes but there are some real treasures there just waiting to be picked. I found an incredible large owl lamp for only $10, a pair of vintage leather riding boots in perfect condition for $2 along with a Bangles album for $1.  Not too shabby!

Salvation Army 66th St. - A treasure trove to say the least! You will need a good hour to try and browse their inventory, so don’t try and rush through this one. The prices are decent and the selection is great, you think you’ve gone through the pants section but wait! There are five more racks! It’s almost never-ending. You can find a lot of amazing vintage pieces which are in really good condition. Their house-ware section is just as good and if you make it on a Wednesday you can get 1/2 off, so get there early to avoid a rush!

Salvation Army 4th St. - The selection there is about half the size of the one on 66th, so if you’re on a time crunch it can be a little more reasonable. The store is easy to navigate and I always go home with something (last time it was a beautiful, stained glass owl window). The staff there is very friendly and fun which makes the atmosphere a comfortable place to be in. Because there isn’t much inventory and there are so many little boutiques and vintage stores in St. Pete this store can get picked-over pretty quickly, so again, go early!

Goodwill Central Ave. -  I have been frequenting this Goodwill less and less lately.  Being so close to the downtown area this shop gets overpicked too. The times that I have been I have found a couple good pieces mostly for home decor, pillows, curtains and little knick-knacks are what I come to this store for. If you’re a student though you can get a pretty good discount, so don’t forget your student I.D.

Goodwill Gandy Blvd. - I don’t think I have ever found one clothing item at this one, I usually pass it up and head straight for the home section! I think half of my apartment is either decorated or furnished by something I bought from this Goodwill. They have giant furniture and home goods section. Also, at least 90 percent of my VHS collection is from there and I ALWAYS find one good album for my vinyl collection. This is the place to go if you need unique items to decorate your space!

Sunshine Thrift - This store is fairly new to the St. Pete area so it is still extremely clean, almost eerily so.  They play the radio and your calm thrifting experience is often interrupted by a commercial and the lighting is very bright.  The layout could probably use a little work but the selection is good and I’ve always left with a few items. I could probably find more but the bad radio and terrible lighting pushed me out the door.

There are heaps of thrift store in the area but those are a few I frequent the most.  Hopefully you can use some of this information to help you on your hunt! Happy thrifting!


Where is Pasco : )
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