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Yard of Ale St Pete Connect
Rating : 11111 1 month ago4.8

Comments : Wow was I impressed! This bar takes the best of almost everything you would want in a bar and has it in one location. You have amazing drinks, great crowd, multiple bars, private areas and to top it off, an outdoor area that reminds me of bars in Austin, TX with the open air alley way feel.

Pros : Overall just amazing! I love the decor, atmosphere and the outdoor area just tops it all off.

Cons : Just like anywhere else in a Downtown area, parking sometimes can be tricky on busy nights.

260 First Connect
Rating : 11111 1 month ago4.8125

Comments : I have been to 260 First a few times and have always been impressed. They have good staff, the VIP area and balcony is awesome! This is a perfect place to host a party in Downtown St Pete.

Pros : Balcony and VIP area, service and overall experience.

Cons : Parking downtown can be tricky if you are not familiar with the area but the location is prime in the middle of so many places!

Doc of the Bay Marine Service Connect
Rating : 11111 3 months ago5

Comments : Hello everyone, I am the "girl" that hung up on the man that will not even say his name. I will be good and not post his name. This gentlemen came to "Doc" of the Bay because he had problems with his past 2 marinas. He was going to sue one of them!!! We went out of our way to help this gentlemen with respect and honest work. Our mechanic helped him out at the docks in the RAIN with his trim pump. We went above and beyond for this guy, as we do EVERY customer. He brought his boat to us after he himself worked on it and found that he had missed his trim pin, he would have lost his whole motor!!! NO CHARGE!!! We changed thermostats, NEVER REMOVED any warning horn. His motor was an older Merc that when he tried suing another marina they gave him!!!! He did not launch from our docks, ALWAYS trailered the boat and motor. YES I hung up on him!!! He screamed at me and said that my mechanics needed to go back to school!! Before I hung up I did tell him, I would not be talked to like that and to have a nice day!!! This man is just out for a free ride!!! If you want honest work performed on your boat then yes come see us at "Doc" of the Bay Marine. And all the hoopla about the oil thing, I will gladly show you the tickets that we did not touch his oil tank!!! Hope to see you all soon, and for you sir, I hope that you do find that special marina that will make you proud as you told us we did!!! HAPPY BOATING ALL!!!

Doc of the Bay Marine Service Connect
Rating : 11111 3 months ago2

Comments : I will have to say I have never written a review, but after dealing with Doc Of the Bay I have to warn People. I will start out with my first experience and the my most recent. My first experience was when I had a 200hp Mercury and had a buzzer issue stating that it was overheating. I had taken it to another place first and had no luck. Then I took it to Doc Of The Bay. They seemed to be very nice and concerned to get it taken care of for me. They had run it and stated that they couldn't get it to do anything. They did find something wrong and had charge me $$$. I picked it up and took it out. I got 500 yards from the doc and the motor seized up. I took of the cowling and notice that the buzzer wires were disconnected (which would have warned me that the motor was overheating and not to run it any more). So there I sat in the middle of the channel with a blown motor. I got in and took it to doc of the bay for them to tell me that it is blown and would have to be rebuilt. I am not going to say that I didn't feel that they were totally responsible, but if they had reconnected the wires that they disconnected I would probably not have blown the motor. They took no ownership of the wires or anything. So I went and bought a new used motor that came with a warranty. 5 months ago I had the oil reserve switched out due to the float that was inside was bad. That was covered under warranty by the place I had bought it from and they are the ones who did the work (NOT Doc Of The Bay). 2 weeks ago I was changing out my impeller and had a issue with reinstalling the lower unit. I call Doc Of the Bay and had them come and pick up the boat which they were happy to do since I was unable to do so at that time. They did fix the problem and even found another problem and very happy that they had fixed both. I will say I am very happy with that part of it. Here comes the reason why I am writing this. Since I had not heard anything from them since they had picked it up. I had called and spoke with the girl that works the office and she had told me the first time that they were just starting to look at it (10:00am). She also stated that she would give me call back when they new something and would let me know what it would cost. By 3:30 I still heard nothing so I called again. She stated that they were out on the boat and just coming back. She was going to call me back. Never did. I was off work and just decided to go down there since it is by my home. I showed up and the cowling was off and they were just finishing up. One of the guy's there had seen that there was a little air gap in the oil reserve (due to it being tilted up) and had tilted it down and said you must make sure you keep your cap tight. I didn't think anything about it. The next day I went out off shore fishing and when I had gotten back had notice I had oil all over the transom of my boat. I got home and took the cowling off and started the motor. It took a few seconds and then the oil started coming out of the oil reserve. At this point I was upset and didn't want to deal with it. The next weekend I bought a new oil cap to replace the one thinking that the seal had gone bad. Got it home and everything seemed to be fixed. I took it out and all the sudden I had noticed oil in the water. I pulled the cowling and sure enough oil coming out of the oil reserve. I came back in and then I replaced the oil reserve. Since then no problem. So I called Doc Of The Bay and spoke with the girl after asking for a manager 4 times I finally gave in and told her my issue. I had looked on the internet and you can read that mechanics have a tendency of over tighten these oil reserves and stripping the units. Which is what had happened and I still have the unit to prove this. I was just wanting reimbursement for the unit $65 plus 3 gallons of oil which is what had dumped out while running. She had stated that she would have the owner call me later that day. Never got that call. the next day at 1:00 I call and spoke with her and asked if the owner was in and she had stated that he wasn't I asked if he came in the day before. Then she ask who I was. I told her and she had told me that they didn't work on my oil reserve and they were not going to do any thing then she hung up on me as I was trying to respond to her. This was the last time I will ever take anything to them and will make sure everyone knows how they treat there issues. I know that in business there are issues that come up and what makes a good company is one that stands behind there issues and fixes them. YOU WILL NOT FIND THAT WITH THEM.

Sea Dog Brewing Co Connect
Rating : 11111 3 months ago5

Comments : Best beer and food in town! Live music every night!!

Friday Night Specials in St Petersburg & Clearwater

260 First

5 for $5 Fridays
Friday at 260 are the only place to be in downtown St Pete. Five Differential taste for $5, We have something for everyone.
(Fire Eater, Grey Goose, Beam, 3 Olives, Bacardi)

Soundtrack by DJ EKIN & Aysik

Grille 54

10pm - 54 Top Shelf Items for $5.40

MacDinton's St Pete

Every Friday night from 6pm - 8pm

$10 Open Bar includes
ALL Draft Beers, House Wines, Well Liquors
Including Three Olives Vodka, Sailor Jerry, and Bacardi Rum cocktails.

$5 Bacardi and Bacardi Flavor Cocktails
$6 Grey Goose Cocktails
$4 New Castle Drafts

Yard of Ale St Pete

Pick & Mix Buckets
Fridays 7pm - Close
15% Off Pick and Mix Buckets

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